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Sniff ‘n The Tears – Driver’s Seat (1978)

So, having posted Sonic Youth and The Carpenters, I was considering what wildly clever segue would lead me into some viscerating noise/angst fest that would gain admiring nods from the non-existent followers of this blog. Just to show that I really mean it man. Like.

Then I thought, No! What we need is a spot of powerpop. In due course, this blog will be covered in powerpop from Big Star through the Nerves, The Cars and Bram Tchaikovsky. However, I am dipping my toes in with Driver’s Seat by Sniff’n the Tears. I nearly didn’t, when one of these cursed websites suggested it was Steve Wright in the mornings favourite record. But, I am assuming that this is one of those Roswell style hoaxes that the young people of today go for. The main merits of this track are: (a) it has three chords; (b) I can just about play them; (c) it is relentless. I believe the relentless genre will one day catch on. Among the finest relentless songs are “Human Being” by the New York Dolls and the next two posts in this, the web’s least popular blog, ever…

The original then live on Dutch TV in 1980!


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