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AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (1977)

One or two old friends have joined my very limited Facebook community so I thought I’d better step back from the self indulgent nonsense I’ve been posting for the week my blog has been alive and, instead, tickle their, no doubt, ever so soft underbellies.

With this in mind, it is time to step back to first principles.

“Let There Be Rock” is, without doubt, one of the towering achievments of 20th century culture. But, what I’d really like to draw your attention to is the utter genius of the, (ahem), third guitar solo which kicks in at 4:25. I defy anyone to identify a finer minute in rock’n’roll history.

The studio version and then an unbelievable live version from the Apollo Theatre in 1978 – finally, live on BBC’s Sight and Sound from 1977!


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