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Dennis Alcapone – Cassius Clay (1973)

The other news of today was, of course, the announcement of the passing of Henry Cooper. Largely famous for nearly knocking out Cassius Clay (aka Muhammed Ali). And, also, for being a genuinely loved character who had a special place in the heart of folk of a certain age. 

If he had actually knocked out Ali, this song might have been called “Henry Cooper” and all sorts of things might have been duly written about his “Thriller at Aston Villa” and “Rumble in the Jumble (sale)”.

However, it was not to be and, after making a lot of money selling the advertising space on the soles of his boots, Henry retired to punditry and a full time job as a national treasure.

Ali, by contrast, went on to rule the world. It could have been Henry. It should have been Henry.

Gives me an excuse for me to post one of my all time favourite reggae songs. First, the original vinyl then some remarkable footage from the Old Grey Whistle Test in 1973. Thank you, Youtube.


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