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Smog – Bathysphere (1995)

Okay, for those indie fans feeling rather disconcerted by the previous Miles Davis post, I’d like to bring you back to nirvana with the wonderful “Bathysphere” by Smog.

These days, the work of Bill Callahan regularly makes the mainstream music press. But before his (relative) superstardom, he cut a series of brilliant LPs under the name of Smog.

The Wild Love LP from 1995 is one of the best examples, and “Bathysphere” is a mesmerising slice of string section/guitar driven introspection. Perfect.

When Bill Callahan was 7, he wanted to live in a Bathysphere.

By contrast, I wanted to be Francis Lee.

Four (!) versions. The original LP cut (you have to start here) then a live Smog version from 2003 then two Bill Callahan solo versions in 2009 ….

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