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Ultravox – My Sex (1977)

This is a controversial choice. Most of you will remember Midge Ure with his silly moustache mucking about singing “ahhh Vienna” in some synth-pop dystopia.

However, before Midge Ure was “entrusted” with the vocals, Ultravox were a much more interesting band with John Foxx in the lead. This track has a fond memory for me because it was played on Hong Kong radio under the prompting of an old acquaintance – a Mr Crawford Smith – around about 1980. I can’t recall the spurious grounds on which he was being interviewed (if grunting and sniggering counts as being interviewed ….) but his choice of music was, as always, impeccable.

Can’t remember everything he chose but, apart from this, there was “Oh, Oh, I Love Her So” by The Ramones and “So Lonely” by The Police. Both will get an airing in due course.

Anyway, very early synth-pop before Gary Numan left Tubeway Army and around the time when The Human League were still “Being Boiled”.

The LP version from 1977 then a live version from 2008 ….

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