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Joy Division – Decades (1980)

My favourite band of all time, not sure why I have held off until now to post a track.

But today is a Manchester day, a City day (don’t care what happened to the Reds who have hijacked Love Will Tear Us Apart as a tribute to Ryan Giggs. Sacrilege.)

So, why not start with Decades (after all, that’s how long it’s been since City won anything ….)

A vocal of great gravity, synthesisers from a different world to Kraftwerk and Human League (both fine worlds to be in though, don’t get me wrong – but, still, different worlds).

I think the Ian Curtis story has always been overblown and the wrong lessons have been drawn.

I have never thought his was a statement by a “suffering artist” but rather the reflections of someone who two-timed his wife, never dealt with the guilt (and, perhaps, his medical condition), and who just wanted out. The essential human fragility that led to this outcome makes Joy Division immensely more powerful than if they had ever aspired to something grander, more universal, more totemic.

The sheer ordinariness of Ian Curtis is what makes this the best music of all time – things happen and sometimes it is difficult to deal with them.

Just the track.

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