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New Order – Age of Consent (1982)

Manchester weekend continues. The FA Cup is safely in blue hands and Arsenal have had a nightmare in the premier league. How good can life get?

This good ….

I’ve previously posted New Order’s peerless Temptation (check here) and just needed to get Age of Consent off my chest and onto the blog.

I remember the day this came out; John Peel had played it a few days before and expectations for the Power, Corruption and Lies LP were high. At the time, I thought the LP was a bit patchy (but subsequently came to love it all), but Age of Consent was always the stand out track. An unbelievable bassline that just never stops; guitar and synth layered over the top and a lyric that means as much as you want it to.

Two versions, first the pristine version from the LP and, then, the extraordinary BBC live performance from the summer of 1984. For the first 30 seconds you have to wonder whether the band has ever met each other before – bass and guitar in different keys – ouch! Alls well that ends well.

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