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Mercury Rev – Little Rhymes (2001)

I’ve been a fan of Mercury Rev since their first LP “Yerself is Steam” released in 1991. Another band relentlessly championed by John Peel; their music has always had an experimental quality though this largely disappeared after the original vocalist, David Baker, left the band in 1993.

Jonathan Donohue took over the singing from that point and Mercury Rev enjoyed some brief commercial success. Their classic “Deserter’s Songs” LP of 1998 is often regarded as their highpoint (and is just about to enjoy/undergo the “deluxe” reissue treatment – by the way, has any “deluxe” reissue ever really been worth the price ….?)

However, after a somewhat trying day at work compounded by my Kindle’s battery dying, I got out the Ipod and shuffled my “Best Songs of All Time” playlist. This was about the 12th track I came to and what a showstopper. A genuinely beautiful pop song and a worthy addition to the growing blog. Although eventually a single, the first outing was on the “All is Dream” LP – released in the USA on September 11, 2001 …..

The LP version then the Peel Session.

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