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Hot Chip – The Warning (2006)

So far, I’ve not really posted enough electronica or stuff from this century.

Sure, I’ve posted the odd Detroit techno classic (here, for example) and also nodded to a couple of the classics from the Basic Channel/Chain Reaction stable (here)  but I’m going to have to do a lot more – Aphex Twin, Black Dog, Bochum Welt, Underground Resistance, etc are all going to need to make an appearance.

In the long and distinguished history of electronica, Hot Chip may seem doomed to be something of a shortlived footnote. Having said that, this is a brilliant record (apart, that is, from the pointless indulgence between 3:34 and 4:04 which is the musical equivalent of adding a tattoo to the Mona Lisa) – feel free to skip that bit ….

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