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ABC – The Look Of Love (1982)

Oh dear.

I had resolved to restore my radical credentials with a piece of tuneless serialism from the 1910s or, alternatively, a piece of US punk thrash (Minor Threat, perhaps) from the early 80s.

Suddenly, I received a message from a colleague of mine attending the Isle of Wight Festival who revealed that ABC were about to take the stage. I have to say that, in 1982, ABC seemed to be the enemy – certainly from the perspective of anyone worshipping at the shrine of “Temptation”/”Age of Consent” era New Order.

Looking back though, The Lexicon of Love is just a wonderful LP and this track “The Look of Love” is probably its pinnacle. I love the whole song but particularly the spoken word section starting around 2:25 which culminates in the observation “and then my friends just ask me, they say, Martin one day you’ll find true love …”. Wonderful, overblown drama!

Have to say, the video really is pretty poor – but no matter – click through to Youtube to see the nonsense!

  1. Bon.i.well
    June 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    Great song. I was once stuck in a cafe in New York for an hour or so with one song off this album (one of the later ones – perhaps track 8) playing on a constant loop. Needless to say I’ve struggled to listen to it again since.


  2. John
    June 18, 2011 at 1:52 am

    I should really have commented on this since I put the idea in your head. They were really good at the IoW, even if you ignored the irony. Just a really tight pop jazz band. Loved it.


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