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Donna Summer – Working the Midnight Shift (1977)

Wonderful Giorgio Moroder produced disco from 1977. Of course, his production of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” is one of the greatest records of all time and, in due course, will get an airing on this increasingly popular blog (by the way, the figures are in and the number of subscribers has swollen 25% in just 2 days (from 4 to 5); welcome along for the ride, sir).

However, I wanted to start here with an album track from the excellent “Once Upon a Time” double LP. Classic Moroder sequencers with Donna imparting a tale presumably related to her evening shift stacking shelves at the 7-11. First of a double bill of tracks tonight about the world of work in the 1970s ….. (next up, Patti Smith). 

Moroder is one of the founding fathers of techno and produced a wide range of great tracks during the late 70s including the Midnight Express Soundtrack (his own “Chase” being a highlight), American Gigolo (featuring Blondie’s classic “Call Me”) and Sparks’ superb “Number One Song in Heaven” LP. 

Someone has knocked together a bespoke video on Youtube. Enjoy.

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