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Joy Division – She’s Lost Control (1979)

This may seem a lazy follow up to the last post (Sleazy D’s “I’ve Lost Control) but “She’s Lost Control” is a startling record. One of the key releases in the Joy Division canon, and a “must have” for this blog.

Although written in the third person, the lyrics would seem to capture Ian Curtis’s meditations on his own epilepsy.

A desperate record.

I’ve seen these lyrics used tritely in a number of “academic” books over the years but I think these simply over-intellectualise what was a personal, visceral and painful disability.

The album track on Unknown Pleasures is stunning, the 12″ mix on the B Side of Atmosphere raises the stakes further and the Peel Session version really doesn’t take any prisoners. The crowning glory may well be the live performance on TV in 1979 that kicks off the five (!!) versions below.

So: the Granada TV version; then the Peel Session; then Unknown Pleasures; then the 12″ version; then a very sketchy version live in Altrincham!

  1. oz yob
    June 18, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    The dancing on the Granada TV version is something special.


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