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DJ Krush – Yeah (Alex Reece Remix) (1995)

Ah, the early 1990s! Inspired by a welcome, but too infrequent, visit from eldest daughter, father felt honour-bound to dig out the old stuff from when she was too young to know ….

In the early 1990s, US Hip-Hop was in fine fettle – Gang Starr, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Mobb Deep, among others were, ahem, “dropping the bombs” – or, as us we here in the United Kingdom would say, “were releasing mighty fine recordings, thank you very much”.

At the same time, “overground” trip hop was establishing itself in the UK through seminal releases by Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky.

Alongside this, was a more experimental type of instrumental hip hop. On labels like Mo’Wax and Pussyfoot.

In my view, the high water mark of this fleeting genre was achieved by DJ Shadow – his “Entroducing” LP is wonderful but he peaked even earlier with “What Did Your Soul Look Like?” – previously posted here.

Also operating at the same time was DJ Krush from Japan. He released seminal LPs on Mo’Wax and some killer singles. “Yeah” was the third track on the “A Whim” EP of 1995 – remixed by Alex Reece, the track is elevated from mere excellence into the drum’n’bass pantheon.




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