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Dire Straits – Romeo and Juliet (1980)

Oh god, what have I done.

All the close followers (you know who you are sir!) of this blog will know that my commitment to the overwhelming genius of the entire LP output of The Fall, the merits of Crispy Ambulance, the Shakespearian qualities of Half Man Half Biscuit and the unimpeachable chutzpah of The Smiths, Rough Trade Records, Factory Records, etc is without parallel.

Nonetheless, I need to explain myself.

I loathed this record when it came out in 1980. How could I avoid doing so? I was 16!

The seminal genius of “Snow” by The Mekons, “Legion” by Theatre of Hate, “Last White Christmas” by Basement 5 were rubbing shoulders with “Closer” by Joy Division, “Sound Affects”  by The Jam. This was commerical tosh of the highest order.

So, I have to blame my sister. It was always on her sodding stereo. It never meant nothing to me. Honest, guv. I’m approaching 50 and I’ve only ever had one Valentine’s card. I’ve learnt to live with disappointment. So, as Jarvis Cocker observed “Why this, why now?”

Simple truth is, I don’t know. Old age. The loss of critical faculties. Being a sucker for a well strummed guitar. Your honour, please bang me up! Living a lie on the outside is more than I can bear.

The original video ….


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