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Bruce Springsteen – Highway 29 (1995)

For some reason, my little “north of England” principles have always felt a litle stretched by “The Boss” – how far can the US experience really relate to Widnes, Liverpool and Rotherham?

But, over the years, I have come to recognise that he has penned some of my all time favourite tracks. Stuff from Born to Run and The River is brilliant but, ultimately, I’ve come to the view that “Highway 29” from the The Ghost of Tom Joad transcends everything before and after……

Chiming, understated guitar, straightforward lyrics and a perfect denoument …

I slipped on her shoe

She was a perfect size seven

I said “There’s no smokin’ in the store ma’am”

She crossed her legs and then

We made some small talk

That’s where it should have stopped

She slipped me her number

I put it in my pocket

My hand slipped up her skirt

everything slipped my mind

In that little roadhouse

On Highway 29

It was a small town bank

It was a mess

Well I had a gun

You know the rest

Money on the floorboards

Shirt was covered in blood

And she was cryin’

Her and me we headed south

On Highway 29

In a little desert motel

The air was hot and clean

I slept the sleep of the dead

I didn’t dream

I woke in the morning

Washed my face in the sink

We headed into the Sierra Madres

‘Cross the border line

The winter sun

Shot through the black trees

I told myself it was all something in her

But, as we drove, I knew it was something in me

Something that’d been comin’

For a long long time

And something that was here with me now

On Highway 29

The road was filled with broken glass

And gasoline

She wasn’t sayin’ nothin’

It was just a dream

The wind come silent through the windshield

All I could see was snow, and sky and pines

I closed my eyes and I was runnin’

Yeah, I was runnin’ then I was flyin’


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