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Oasis – Slide Away (1994)

Less than 24 hours to go until Manchester City’s chance to clinch their first ever Premier League title (and first League Championship for 44 years)  …..

Over the years, I have watched an awful lot of tripe at Maine Road. When I dropped out of Imperial College in 1983, I decided to switch to Manchester University in the main because I wanted to be able to see City play every week ….. relegations and mediocrity subsequently followed.

The 1990s were an uneven time. Georgi Kinkladze looked like the best player who had ever lived (check here for proof) but, somehow, we and him managed to get relegated to the equivalent of the Third Division….

Throughout all this malarkey, how painful was it to have the rest of my family as Manchester United supporters.

City’s football this year has been inspirational – top scorers and the best defence in the Premier League … what could possibly go wrong?

To bolster morale, I just had to post a track by “uber-supporters” Oasis … ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Slide Away” ..

Err, hang on, that’s not going to work. Oh, bugger.

LP version then a live performance from Glastonbury in 1995 and, finally, a Noel acoustic version!

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