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Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3 (1976)

The start of the European Football Championships (jointly hosted by Poland and Ukraine) provides me with a weak excuse to add one of my favourite Polish compositions to the blog ….

This is a piece of immense power; a simple harmonic motif that builds and builds …. the double basses never relent. It starts very slowly but stick with it …..

Wikipedia provides a great entry for those wanting to dig deeper (here). However, what is clear is that the motivation for the piece remains opaque and a plausible case can be made for a personal, matrimonial muse or a much more political, Holocaust inspired, piece. Remember, this was composed in the pre Solidarność days before the eventual raising of the “Iron Curtain” – hence, I suggest you make of it what you will.

The three movements are each utterly perfect and you can’t beat listening to each, properly, in turn. The way the first the movement builds is a classic piece of minimalism but, for me, the third movement is the one where genius is attained ……




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