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Jack Kittel – Psycho (1973)

This is a very unusual and striking record. Country music has never been quite so direct before or since …..

I first heard this song when it was covered by Elvis Costello and released as an extra track on the CD reissue of his “Almost Blue” LP.

The song was actually written by Leon Payne around 1960 and was first recorded and released by Eddie Noack in 1968. However, the definitive version is this one, recorded by Jack Kittel in 1973.

Not quite a “murder ballad” in the traditional sense; more like a serial killer’s confession as Jack calmly describes a series of murders from the perspective of someone who doesn’t quite know what they are doing. This extract gives a feel for the mood of the song …

Oh you recall that little girl mama

I believe her name was Betty Clark

Oh don’t tell me that she’s dead mama

‘Cause I just saw her in the park

We were sitting on a bench mama

Thinking of a game to play

Seems I was holding a wrench mama

Then my mind just walked away

Just the track …

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