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The Go-Betweens – Part Company (1984)

Yet another rain break in the cricket as the English “summer” struggles to snap into life – 17 degrees and falling ….

Still, the continuing deluge offers a chance to post this work of Australian genius.

As my small and exclusive band of followers will know, I’ve posted a pretty diverse range of Australian tracks over the months, many of which appear to be more popular in the northern hemisphere than “down under”; though, frankly, that is not always saying something …. (For example, check here for The Saints, here for AC/DC, here for Cosmic Psychos, here for Screaming Tribesmen, here for Radio Birdman, here for Nick Cave and here for, er, Rolf Harris ….)

The Go-Betweens have always been one of my favourite bands and this is one of their very best tracks. Released as a single in 1984 and taken from the superb “Spring Hill Fair” LP of the same year.  The song also appeared on the classic NME cassette “Department of Enjoyment” … details available from my “other blog” here.

Come and have a look, beside me

A fine line of tears, part company.

That’s her handwriting, that’s the way she writes

From the first letter I got, to this her bill of rights, part company.

And what will I miss? Her cruelty, her unfaithfulness

Her fun, her love, her kiss, part company.

Three versions, the original LP version, then a sketchy live version from 1988 and then a rough but endearing demo.

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