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Long Fin Killie – The Heads of Dead Surfers (1995)

Possibly the second best record of 1995 (after Pulp’s epoch defining “Common People”).

Mark E. Smith guests with “random vocal interjections” in a tale that casts due aspersions on the preening wasters who arse around in seas so cold that wetsuits are a necessity; whose conversation extends to a few monosyllables that capture the gamut of emotions from A to B, and; whose main reason for carrying a surfboard around is to prevent their knuckles grazing on the floor.

Surfers are the only argument in favour of tsunamis.

And … relax. Middle aged rant over.

I hand over to the genius of Long Fin Killie. Some favourite lyrical excerpts:

A mid-life Adonis

A god-like forty year-old

Clear skin, clear head

Clear smile, dead style

Designer beach clothes

A little bit of a paunch

This beach-boy Achilles

A former leading light of radio

Drowned in suntan lotion ….. Makes a bold declaration:

‘We drove the Moors back into the sea and now we ride their waves!’ x 4

And he muttered something about the positive vibes of the sea and being at one one with the waves!

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