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New Order – The Perfect Kiss (1985) (Fac 321)

July 26, 2012 1 comment

Absolute pop music perfection. If this was the soundtrack to my last 10 minutes on earth, I would die a happy man.

A stunning single and LP track from the stellar “Low-Life”.

The stamp of immortality was bestowed on the record by the video that accompanied the release.

I remember seeing this as one of the trailers to the art-house shenanigans at the recently opened Cornerhouse in Manchester in late 1985 . Along with Betty Blue, I recall this as the finest cinematic experience of its time!

From 6:30, when the cowbell comes in (no, really), the music transcends all space and time to hit the highest of all highs.

The extended video and the LP version in case the video disappears!


The Skids – The Olympian (1979)

July 26, 2012 Leave a comment

This was always one of my favourite songs by The Skids.

In normal circumstances, it would always have fallen just short of the standards required to reach the Pantheon of the Bestmusicofalltime. However, with the Olympics nigh and what seems to be a wonderful wave of goodwill and enthusiasm, it deserves an outing.

The usual impenetrable vocals from Richard Jobson but guitar of the highest order by the late, great Stuart Adamson.

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