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Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air (1969)

Wonderful, evocative, pop classic from the late 1960s. Posted today as it was Number One in the UK at the time of the Neil Armstrong’s moon landing in July 1969 ….

Thunderclap Newman was a shortlived band created by Pete Townshend as a vehicle for performing songs written by former Who roadie and drummer/singer John ‘Speedy’ Keen, who had written “Armenia City in the Sky”, the first track on The Who Sell Out.

Townshend also recruited General Post Office engineer and jazz pianist Andy ‘Thunderclap’ Newman (a friend from art college), and 15-year-old Glaswegian Jimmy McCulloch. Keen played the drums and sang the lead. Townshend produced the single, arranged the strings, and played bass under the pseudonym Bijou Drains. Originally titled Revolution but later renamed to avoid confusion with the Beatles’ 1968 song of that name.

Great footage in this video though sound quality is a bit tinny.

  1. Nic Wells
    March 14, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    the out-of-tune ‘pub’ piano break is just wonderful, at one or two points it seems on the verge of falling apart altogether but somehow doesn’t!


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