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Goodie Mob (featuring Big Rube) – Blood (1996)

Just loved mid 1990s hip hop; Wu-Tang Clan and all their offshoots ruled the world but Goodie Mob, Outkast, Mobb Deep, Gang Starr, Gravediggaz, etc, were right up there.

This track is taken from the Red Hot Organization‘s seminal “America is Dying Slowly” (AIDS) compilation. The whole LP is terrific but the Goodie Mob track is the stand out.

Goodie Mob is where the remarkable Cee-Lo Green first started and all the Goodie Mob LPs are well worth checking out.

Brooding beats, minimal piano, and socially conscious lyrics with none of the crap that often disfigures the all too traditional hip hop track ….

Typically, it is Cee-Lo’s verse that hits the mark ….

I try to make sense outta nonsense each and every day
I got to cos things is kinda crazy round the way
Each word that I say may cut you like a knife
And totally influence and change somebody life
Who me? I’m 19, and best to have seen
What I already seen
Life taught me a lot
That you ain’t gotta carry no gun to get shot
Ain’t gotta be no jacker for offense from the high
A liquor store on every corner that you walk by
I watch my niggas die for no reasons
In my neighbourhood ain’t nothin changed but the seasons
Them crackers don’t give a fuck, then again why should they
They evil from their head to they toes so how could they
You could say, the biggest problem in the black community is lack of unity
I love you but I ain’t gon’ let you pray for me
So if you must she’d blood so be it
The end is comin I can see it
Yeah, the end is comin I can see it…..
It’s in the blood

Find the track here …

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