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Led Zeppelin – Tangerine (1970)

I’ve always struggled a bit with Led Zeppelin.

Wildly popular with my elder sisters, I didn’t really hear them in “real time” until “In Through The Out Door” when I was 15. Consequently, they were never as vital as so many of the bands that stamped their various impressions upon my youth.

From my younger days, Immigrant Song, Rock and Roll, Whole Lotta Love and Kashmir remain indelible and, in due course, more than worthy of a place on this blog.

For the record, Stairway to Heaven, by contrast, never ever really appealed.

Tangerine is taken from Led Zeppelin III released in 1970 and is, apparently, a reworked version of an unreleased Yardbirds’ tune “Knowing That I’m Losing You”. On one level, a straightforward love song and album track, on another, worth noting as the second to last track that Jimmy Page wrote without the input of Robert Plant.

Love the pedal steel guitar and the fact that, ultimately (or not …), this seems to be a song that never ever feels the need to resolve itself.


The LP version then a fantastic live version from 1975.

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