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Buzzcocks – Love Is Lies (1978)

Clearly, Buzzcocks are one of the greatest singles bands of all time.

I also know that I have been a bit tardy posting examples on this blog to support this view. Though, to be fair, I have posted two tracks from the Spiral Scratch EP here and here.

However, for reasons never completely clear to me, I have always had a major soft spot for this album track from the Buzzcocks seminal second LP “Love Bites” (perhaps better known for the stunning Ever Fallen In Love …).

Love is Lies joins the pantheon of great tracks which feature a strummed acoustic guitar overlaid by a lead on electric. The greatest example of all time of this “genre” is, of course, Queen Bitch by David Bowie (posted here). However, Love is Lies is well worthy of a place on this blog.

First heard this aged 15 or so just after it came out and I seem to recall having to do some scandalously unequal swap deal with someone to get hold of this LP.

A perfect record.


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