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PSY – Gangnam Style (2012)

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A quarter of a billion hits on Youtube can’t be wrong.

A searing critique of South Korea at the economic and nuclear crossroads. The citizens dance while the dogs of war circle. Calling into question the entire validity of the Chaebol model of South Korean capitalism, the lyrics consider the relative merits of a greater push towards central planning (a la China) or whether to break up the oligopolies in the direction of the capitalist forms of the USA or the UK. Interestingly, the German model is barely considered and the French is simply scoffed at.


For me, I’m mastering the moves to try out at the next family wedding.


Steve Earle – The Galway Girl (2000)

September 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Wonderful track taken from Steve Earle’s Transcendental Blues LP released in 2000. Featuring Sharon Shannon on the accordion.

Steve Earle is, of course, from Texas and not from Ireland. I first became aware of him in 1987 when his breakthrough single Guitar Town appeared as the first track on the legendary NME cassette “The Tape With No Name” (check here for details and tracks from the cassette featured on my other blog ….).

Just love this track for its life affirming spirit and a fantastic melody that simply never relents ….

The LP track then a superb live version from a few years ago.

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