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Babybird – Failed Suicide Club (2010)

Stumbled upon this while randomly surfing the interweb with the iPad this morning – an instant favourite.

I bought the first two Babybird LPs in 1995; at the time somewhat tricky to track down. Not sure what I did with “I Was Born a Man” and “Bad Shave” but they are nowhere to be found in the CD mountain. Anyway, never really followed Babybird since but this track is a gem ….

12 steps to follow extracted from the lyric:

Step one, don’t kill yourself
Step two, don’t do yourself in
Step three, don’t play with knives
Step four, don’t trust anyone

Step five, stay alive
Step six, get a quick fix
Step seven, don’t go to heaven
Step eight, just wait

Step nine, put the bomb down
Step ten, put your clothes on
Step eleven, let’s find love
Step twelve…at the club

Yes you’ve made it, you’re here
At the failed suicide club
Sitting in a circle, smiling


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