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Evans Pyramid – Never Gonna Leave You (1978)

I’ve always been a sucker for a killer funk/disco guitar line and I have piles of CDs (compact discs for younger readers) that chart huge numbers of  the great underground and overground disco/funk track released in the 1970s.

However, I had never heard this until an hour ago and, already, it has qualified as one of the best records of all time! Killer guitar, great melody and a relentless groove …. the soundtrack for New Year’s Eve.

I stumbled upon the track after reading the following review of the Evans Pyramid compilation album (check here) in the new issue of Mojo magazine (this is the full extract) …

Taking lessons from Dyke and the Blazers. The Delfonics and Isaac Hayes, with whom he pkayed. Andre Evans made out-of-this-world sounding cosmic disco and boogie funk. This collects everything he did as Evans Pyramid.

With the CD now ordered, the only other piece of information I can add is this brief extract from the liner notes:

In 1978 a difficult breakup led to the creation of one of the most monumental songs in Andre’s career. Soon after splitting with his long-term girlfriend, while listening to Marvin Gaye’s music and drinking a few too many glasses of wine, Andre sat down and wrote “Never Gonna Leave You.” Returning to the studio a short while later, the instrumentation turned out to be a masterpiece.

As always, Youtube provides the soundtrack.

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