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The Clash – Janie Jones (1977)

We all know The Clash were one of the greatest bands of all time (check here, here, here and, err,  here, for previous incontrovertible evidence from this blog …..)

However, musing on matters of personal history tonight, I suddenly realised what a pivotal effect this record had on the “evolution” (oh, yes) of my musical tastes. I can’t remember who leant me The Clash’s debut LP but I can remember playing and replaying this, the opening track from the LP, over and over again …

For the curious, details about Janie Jones can be found here ….

Never released as a single, I wonder how many other people come back time and again to this as their first introduction to The Clash?

Altogether now:

He’s in love with  rock’n’roll … woah

He’s in love with getting stoned … woah

He’s in love with Janie Jones … woah

He don’t like his boring job … no

LP version then sketchy live video from Manchester in 1977!

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