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The Farm – All Together Now (1990)

Today saw the unveiling of young Spencer Turner’s superb memorial (see below) to the World War One Christmas Truce of 1914 which saw British and German forces put down their arms for a while and engage in a spot of football (aka soccer). Inevitably, there were a couple of dodgy decisions by the linesmen and the regrettable absence of goal line technology resulted in a lucky 3-2 victory for the Germans.


In the light of this, what could be more appropriate than to post the finest song about football in general and about the World War One Christmas game in particular?

I’ve always loved this song, not least because it cheekily borrows the chord sequence from Pachelbel’s Canon – a work of supreme genius which has only escaped a page on this blog because, being composed in the late 17th century, it falls foul of my “From Bach to Basic Channel” strapline. I might need a rethink.

There are a few mixes about but this was always my favourite.

  1. December 14, 2014 at 8:19 am

    A wonderful event to celebrate. http://snowfar4.wix.com/1914-christmas-truce


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