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Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (1986)

This is a work of pop genius; the achingly understated, slightly more upbeat companion piece to the earlier, era defining, Say Hello, Wave Goodbye by Soft Cell (previously posted here).

(By the way, listening once again to the latter on constant rotation, it is difficult to think of a record that delivers such a brutal pay-off over such a relentlessly beautiful synth-pop confection).

The Pet Shop Boys will always be remembered as a great singles band and only their debut Please of 1986 (from which this track comes) ever got near to denting the pantheon of the best albums of all time (sounds like a new blog idea!)

“Love Comes Quickly” is a pretty straightforward pop song and that is its strength – a simple lyric, a killer melody and vocal, wonderful hooks and a melancholic undertone that stitches the song into the heart of anyone whose Friday night has not gone as planned or hoped.

A stunning live version from Wembley in 1989 and then the original video from 1986.


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