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King Stitt – Christmas Tree (1970)

Almost certainly the best Christmas record you’ve never heard. The bass and guitar on this are difficult to better.

At this festive time of year, my main responsibilities in our house are twofold: firstly, keep well out of the way to avoid doing something wrong or unhelpful, and; secondly, to iron the Christmas tablecloth and napkins …

At the latter, I am stunningly good – no crease is firm enough to withstand a combination of my steam iron and that water spray type thing that you need to deploy in only the most exceptional circumstances. A quiet hush always falls on the family as I ceremonially unfurl this year’s masterpiece of ironing skill. (Fellow ironing aficionados will already be familiar with the XtremeIroning site which can be found here – well worth a look to see how glamorous ironing can get!)

However, betraying the urban legend that men can’t multi-task, I have also managed to combine some world-class ironing with listening to the Trojan Christmas Box Set .. in so doing, I turned up this outstanding slice of rocksteady from 1970. Even if it hadn’t been topical for today, this track would have merited an appearance on this blog.

King Stitt is an all-time favourite of mine, resist if you can his exhortation to:


Drink Wine, Feel Fine!!


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