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Caribou – I Can’t Do Without You (2014)

Around this time of the new year, I finally catch up with all the stuff released in the previous year.

I religiously scour the “best of” lists from The Wire Magazine, Mojo, Uncut, Record Collector, Pitchfork, Metacritic, etc, and, after a bit of judicious checking via the good offices of Spotify Premium, I purchase a dozen or so CDs that warrant inclusion on the bestmusicofalltime.

Now, for the romantics who follow this blog (good evening sir!), this might sound a little cold and calculating; but it is the only method I find to be effective in sorting out the wheat from the chaff given the constraints on my budget and time (and I am a professional economist so this sort of optimisation technique is deeply ingrained!) To be fair, it is a tad cold and calculating – apologies!

Anyway, it took seconds to decide that Caribou’s 2014 album “Our Love” qualifies as a stone cold classic and this, for me, is the standout track.

To be honest, I find the album to be a slightly dissatisfying affair. At one level, every single track of leftfield deep house (new genre alert!) is a winner but, for some reason, it feels as if each track starts midway through its actual duration and then ends somewhat prematurely. While this may always leave the listener “always wanting more”, it means that you never have the 9 minute piece in which your soul can be immersed and dissolved.

“I Can’t Do Without You” is a prime example. The album version frustrates with its brevity. Fortunately, an extended mix is available from iTunes and, happily, it deals with any frustration …The former and then the latter.


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