Joy Division – Passover (1980)

The only song I’ve posted twice …. separately and inadvertently! Previously here.

The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Buzzcocks, Magazine, The Damned, Black Flag, P.I.L, Members, Ruts, Husker Du, Wreckless Eric, Dead Kennedys, The Jam, Ian Dury, The Specials, Elvis Costello, Theatre of Hate, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Mekons, Tom Waits, Sister Sledge, The Police, Chic, Robert Wyatt, Bruce Springsteen, Blue Oyster Cult, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Patti Smith, Giorgio Moroder, Blondie, Psychedelic Furs, Donna Summer, Sugarhill Gang, … errr, Crispy Ambulance …. you can’t touch this.

Talking Heads, Ramones, Television, The Smiths – you’re still in the frame.

Bleak? You want bleak? Ian Curtis at age 23 falls apart as he contemplates a disintegrating marriage, guilt, disability and distant stardom. Stunning.

This is a crisis I knew had to come,
Destroying the balance I’d kept.
Doubting, unsettling and turning around,
Wondering what will come next.
Is this the role that you wanted to live?
I was foolish to ask for so much.
Without the protection and infancy’s guard,
It all falls apart at first touch.

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