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Jackie Moore – How’s Your Love Life Baby (1979)

There was so much great music in the late 70s: the flowering of US and UK punk and then post-punk, roots reggae, early rap, soul, Eno, Bowie, Roxy Music, Kraftwerk, heavy metal, etc. And there was also funk and its more commercial offspring disco …

The merits of the latter divided opinion then as well as now, but there has never been any doubt for me that the work of Chic, Donna Summer, etc, was, and remains, some of the bestmusicofalltime.

For all the hits that you can remember, there are some tracks that mysteriously never registered at the time. Jackie Moore’s “How’s Your Love Life Baby” is one such example from 1979.

Ms Moore was much better known for her US Number 1 hit of the same year “This Time Baby” which some young folk of today might recognise from the soundtrack of the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. However, I much prefer “How’s Your Love Life ….” which was part of the same “I’m On My Way” LP as the chart topper.

The song was originally written by Greg Perry and was an album track on his “Smokin'” LP released in 1977. His is a great record as well but more in a classic soul style and without the exuberance of Jackie Moore’s delivery.

Youtube has no sign of the superior 7″ single edit of the song but here are the LP version, the 12″ version and then the original Greg Perry take.

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