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Gravediggaz – Dangerous Mindz (1997)

20 years ago, RZA was the king of the world. Providing the soundtrack to the Wu-Tang was one thing but RZA always seemed to have the best lines and the greatest intensity of any of those rapping as well (check here for evidence as he raises GZA’s 4th Chamber into the lyrical stratosphere).

To be honest, I feel a bit conflicted by this track. The beats and samples are sublime and the rap is relentless, it never loses momentum.

That said, I think some of the lyrics fall short of genius … the gratuitous reference to, ahem, “morning glory” being a case in point; childish posturing to what end?

Nonetheless, an all-time RZA classic.

The original “parental advisory” version and then the official video which, while it blanks the unnecessary knob reference, also censors some important uses of the “f” word … ah, well.

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