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The Chills – Double Summer (1992)

I was re-listening to some of the late Prince‘s back catalogue (considerably better than I appreciated at the time!) when a stray Facebook ad revealed that one of New Zealand’s finest bands, The Chills, would shortly be touring the UK.

A few seconds of googling revealed they will be in Leeds on 6th June. By a remarkable coincidence, so will I – what were the chances of that?

Now, normally, if I stay overnight in Leeds, I try and take my two eldest daughters out for a slap up meal which they usually sign up to at the drop of a hat. This time, I’m offering to throw in The Chills gig as well as the aforementioned slap up meal. So far, many hours have passed and they haven’t replied. I suspect they will be “washing their hair” or somesuch.

No matter, it’s a package deal; you can’t have one without the other (mental note – could we eat after the gig to avoid a major “time inconsistency” problem …)

Either way, I will be there and I hope they (The Chills) play this song, “Double Summer”, which was the single from their 1992 LP Soft Bomb.

I’ve previously posted a very early Chills track, here and, like that, “Double Summer” is a classic Flying Nun Records slice of indie pop heaven. However, by 1992, the Dunedin sound is now garnished with a hint of the Stone Roses at the peak of their baggy powers.

The guitar solo from 1:48 is a thing of some beauty.

Pop perfection.




  1. Liza
    June 5, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    Saw them in London (with The Clean) and then in New York. I remember quietly cursing out the opening band, who were taking precious time away from my favorite band.


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