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Max Richter – Spring 1 (2012)

Over the years, I have watched my kids perform in a vast number of dance shows – ballet, modern, tap, etc. Now, sadly, they don’t appear in every single dance and, when this happens, one simply hopes that time will pass as quickly as possible or that something calamitous will befall one of their hapless contemporaries …

However, occasionally, you find yourself watching a dance where you are hearing a piece of music for the first time and it just takes your breath away. One example was hearing Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” a few years ago … (I haven’t yet put that on this blog for fear of attracting some derision from my handful of followers who usually think that any departure from the world of Crispy Ambulance b-sides is an appalling sell-out).

A second example is this piece by Max Richter – a reworking (or recomposing) of Summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  Layering sample upon sample of violins from the original and complementing this with a spot of Moog synth, Richter achieves near perfection in a beautiful composition.

There are a small number of other CDs in the Recomposed series on legendary German classical label Deutsche Grammophon (including a fantastic LP featuring a variety of recompositions  by techno legends Moritz von Oswald and Carl Craig).

The only flaw with this piece is that it is too short …

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