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Hell – This Is For You (1998)

December 9, 2016 Leave a comment

Ah, Friday evening, time for some smart, ear-bleeding (ish) German techno ….

Listening to this tonight, Hell’s “This Is For You” sounds like the blueprint for what was perfected by LCD Soundsystem seven years later in 2005!

I’d been a fan of, ahem, “Mr” Hell since 1995 when I bought his “Original Street Techno” 12″ single after hearing a track on the much missed John Peel Show. In those days, he was trading under the moniker of DJ Hell but he apparently lost the DJ vibe sometime over the next 36 months.

No matter, this is classic German techno from the seminal Disko B label out of Munich. The spoken word vocals from Melissa Logan from Chicks On Speed elevates the song to the pantheon of the bestmusicofalltime!

What’s not to like?

Mogwai – Helps Both Ways (Madden Version) (1999)

May 31, 2016 Leave a comment

Tonight, I am mostly feeling like a bit of a tart. For the first time (in a crude attempt to go viral), I have posted in response to a “request”. Now to be fair, the request is from an old chum but, still, I feel a bit dirty.

Specifically, said chum was observing that there was no Mogwai on this blog.

This I now put right …

However, inevitably, I have to be awkward …

So, here is Mogwai with their classic “Helps Both Ways” …. but this time with the original sample featuring John Madden’s NFL commentary that was removed from the Come On Die Young LP for copyright reasons. This is the definitive version!

Remarc & Lewi Cifer – Ricky (1994)

May 30, 2016 Leave a comment

After several hours of fixing broken links on this blog and with bedtime approaching, there is time for one more tune tonight (or “choon” as I believe the young folk of today are wont to day).

I had a couple of options on some 1930s jazz or a Neil Diamond classic but, in the end, I decided that what we all needed was some ear-bleeding drum’n’bass to say cheerio to the Bank Holiday weekend. As such, this fits the bill nicely .. Remarc at the height of his powers featuring a few samples from “Boyz-N-The-Hood” ..what’s not to like?

May I encourage you to treat your neighbours with the respect to which they are due ….


The Chills – Double Summer (1992)

May 26, 2016 1 comment

I was re-listening to some of the late Prince‘s back catalogue (considerably better than I appreciated at the time!) when a stray Facebook ad revealed that one of New Zealand’s finest bands, The Chills, would shortly be touring the UK.

A few seconds of googling revealed they will be in Leeds on 6th June. By a remarkable coincidence, so will I – what were the chances of that?

Now, normally, if I stay overnight in Leeds, I try and take my two eldest daughters out for a slap up meal which they usually sign up to at the drop of a hat. This time, I’m offering to throw in The Chills gig as well as the aforementioned slap up meal. So far, many hours have passed and they haven’t replied. I suspect they will be “washing their hair” or somesuch.

No matter, it’s a package deal; you can’t have one without the other (mental note – could we eat after the gig to avoid a major “time inconsistency” problem …)

Either way, I will be there and I hope they (The Chills) play this song, “Double Summer”, which was the single from their 1992 LP Soft Bomb.

I’ve previously posted a very early Chills track, here and, like that, “Double Summer” is a classic Flying Nun Records slice of indie pop heaven. However, by 1992, the Dunedin sound is now garnished with a hint of the Stone Roses at the peak of their baggy powers.

The guitar solo from 1:48 is a thing of some beauty.

Pop perfection.




A Thousand Points of Night – Read My Lips (1992)

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

No one could ever accuse this blog of being behind the times!

An excoriating critique of US social and economic policy … put that in your pipe and smoke it, err, President Bush (the first one)!

Deficits, unemployment, Vietnam, etc?

I believe in the President and I believe in the Presidency

The extended 12″ mix followed by the 7″ version …. perfect deep house!

Yo La Tengo – Tom Courtenay (1995)

August 11, 2015 Leave a comment

With the summer holidays well underway, I inevitably find myself catching up on a few classics of the British cinema from the first three decades after the second world war. This evening, I watched Darling starring the wonderful Julie Christie who plays a gorgeous but shallow airhead whose inability to settle down and find happiness results in a series of boyfriends, husbands, etc. Taking in a BBC journalist and culminating with an Italian prince (where she becomes Princess Diana …), there are great scenes of London, Paris and Capri as Christie fails to find any meaning in life. A great performance for which she won an Oscar.

Now, admittedly, Tom Courtenay isn’t actually in this film but the song “Tom Courtenay” by Yo La Tengo is an all time favourite of mine and does open with the line “Julie Christie, the rumours are true” and continues thus …

Julie Christie, the rumours are true
As the pages turn, my eyes are glued
To the movie star and his sordid life
Mr. X and his old-suffering wife
I spent so much time dreaming about Eleanor Bron
In my room with the curtains drawn
See her in the arms of Paul
Say it, I can say no more
As the music swells somehow stronger from adversity
Our hero finds his inner peace
So now I’m looking for a lucky charm
With a needle hanging out of its arm

As time goes by I know it’s gonna happen
I know it’s going away
Gonna take its toll, gonna take its toll
Gonna take my time
And I’m thinking about the way things are
And I’m thinking about the way things were
Thinking about Eleanor Bron
And I’m thinking about a lucky charm
And I’m thinking about the needle
Oh, I’m thinking about the needle
And I’m thinking about…

A well deserved entry into the bestmusicofalltime! First the track, then the video from the single and finally a gorgeous acoustic version.

Gravediggaz – Dangerous Mindz (1997)

February 28, 2015 Leave a comment

20 years ago, RZA was the king of the world. Providing the soundtrack to the Wu-Tang was one thing but RZA always seemed to have the best lines and the greatest intensity of any of those rapping as well (check here for evidence as he raises GZA’s 4th Chamber into the lyrical stratosphere).

To be honest, I feel a bit conflicted by this track. The beats and samples are sublime and the rap is relentless, it never loses momentum.

That said, I think some of the lyrics fall short of genius … the gratuitous reference to, ahem, “morning glory” being a case in point; childish posturing to what end?

Nonetheless, an all-time RZA classic.

The original “parental advisory” version and then the official video which, while it blanks the unnecessary knob reference, also censors some important uses of the “f” word … ah, well.

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