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Waxahatchee – Silver (2017)

June 17, 2017 Leave a comment

There is nothing I don’t like about this record. My favourite two chords; simple relentless driving drums; a classic “less is more” guitar solo, and; Kim Deal-esque vocals.

Indie pop perfection!

In fact this might be the best song The Breeders never recorded.

Found this today trawling through the latest free CD given away with the Uncut magazine. Had listened to it five times within half an hour and now it is elevated to the pantheon of thebestmusicofalltime! And it’s not properly released for another few weeks!

Sun’s out and summer’s here.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – French Press (2017)

April 28, 2017 Leave a comment

One of the records of the year so far! Classic Australian jangle pop released on the legendary Sub Pop records label. Heard it on a CD sampler from Uncut magazine 45 minutes ago and it qualified immediately to be elevated to the pantheon of thebestmusicofalltime!

The, ahem, official video and then a live version from the USA!


The Grubby Mitts – To A Friend’s House (2011)

June 2, 2016 Leave a comment

One of my great pleasures in life is receiving my monthly copy of The Wire Magazine. It’s a bit esoteric and, to be frank, a lot of the “experimental” music they cover is unmitigated tosh.

Nonetheless, three or four times a year, the magazine comes with a free CD and the “Wire Tapper” series now stretches past 40 volumes …. I do try and listen to these all the way through but they can be a bit of an endurance test. Occasionally, however, you hear something that makes you pause and really sit up. This track is one such example.

To A Friend’s House” by The Grubby Mitts appeared on Wire Tapper 37 early in 2015. While this was the first official CD release of the track, it actually dates back on vinyl to 2011. Whatever its provenance, this is an intriguing and beguiling track – for me, a blend of classic English folk with the lo-fi, indie-pop nous of the bands on New Zealand’s peerless Flying Nun Records label. It turns out that The Grubby Mitts are from Bedford in the UK; only 20 miles from where I type this missive … guys, can I have a beer for plugging you?

A bit of accordion, a spot of bass and some multi-layered spoken vocals adds up to considerably more than the sum of its parts.

Give it a go!


Max Richter – Spring 1 (2012)

May 28, 2016 Leave a comment

Over the years, I have watched my kids perform in a vast number of dance shows – ballet, modern, tap, etc. Now, sadly, they don’t appear in every single dance and, when this happens, one simply hopes that time will pass as quickly as possible or that something calamitous will befall one of their hapless contemporaries …

However, occasionally, you find yourself watching a dance where you are hearing a piece of music for the first time and it just takes your breath away. One example was hearing Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” a few years ago … (I haven’t yet put that on this blog for fear of attracting some derision from my handful of followers who usually think that any departure from the world of Crispy Ambulance b-sides is an appalling sell-out).

A second example is this piece by Max Richter – a reworking (or recomposing) of Summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  Layering sample upon sample of violins from the original and complementing this with a spot of Moog synth, Richter achieves near perfection in a beautiful composition.

There are a small number of other CDs in the Recomposed series on legendary German classical label Deutsche Grammophon (including a fantastic LP featuring a variety of recompositions  by techno legends Moritz von Oswald and Carl Craig).

The only flaw with this piece is that it is too short …

Sonny and the Sunsets – Green Blood (2013)

February 26, 2016 Leave a comment

Having a great birthday working my way through my mountain of unheard CDs after a slap up lunch with Sarah and a couple of the youngsters that almost left me in “food coma” territory.

Anyway, I was listening to the Rough Trade Shops End of the Road 10th Anniversary compilation (which, to be fair had been pretty humdrum for most of its length) when, suddenly, this track leapt out of the speakers!

An immediate classic of US lo-fi, the song has echoes of the Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman, Camper Van Beethoven, the New Bad Things and some of the timeless New Zealand bands on Flying Nun Records .. a winning combination!

“Green Blood” is the final track on Sonny and the Sunsets 2013 LP Antenna to the Afterworld. Apparently, the composer, a Mr Sonny Smith, based the songs on some paranormal experiences he had ….

And a nice video as well – the perfect way to end a great day!


Bill Ryder-Jones – Two to Birkenhead (2015)

December 12, 2015 Leave a comment

The best song from the best album of 2015. The guitarist from The Coral channels the Velvet Underground, Pixies and, on this track, Pavement at the peak of their powers.

An intimate account of a trip to Birkenhead (very near my birthplace!) which after 2:20 mins morphs into the perfect existential debate about what to do when things are going off the rails and concludes that “desperate times, call for desperate pleasures” …. :

And turning on your side,

You said, “Don’t be too long”,

I said I’ll be right back,

Though I kept my fingers crossed.

And sitting on your hands,

Well it kind of broke my heart,

It wasn’t in the plan,

When we went to Conway Park.

And as I’m slipping out You whispered, “Desperate times”

You say that desperate times Call for desperate pleasures

They say that desperate times Call for desperate pleasures

They say that desperate times Call for desperate pleasures

The official video and then a definitive live reading!

Model 500 – Storm (2015)

April 5, 2015 Leave a comment

One of the founding kings of techno, Juan Atkins, returns to top form on “Storm” from the new Model 500 album released a few weeks ago!

Sounding not unlike Maurizio at the peak of his powers (check here), the track rolls back the years to the days when Basic Channel and Chain Reaction defined the apogee of minimalist techno …

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