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Dave Barker and the Upsetters – Tight Spot (1970)

June 14, 2017 Leave a comment

Outstanding track produced by the always slightly unhinged Lee Perry!

One of many reggae tracks with a spaghetti western link. The spoken introduction is priceless and, on its own, elevates this tune to the pantheon of thebestmusicofalltime!

So you come to mash uppa the town, huh?

Well you’re in a tight spot, amigo!

Minimalist guitar over an understated bassline with horns and organs weaving patterns to mess with your mind.




Dead Kennedys – Rawhide (1981)

January 2, 2015 Leave a comment

When I first posted a Dead Kennedys’ track on this blog (Let’s Lynch the Landlord, here), I promised that, in due course, I would also post the band’s definitive reading of the theme tune from the 1950s/1960s cowboy series Rawhide.

The show, itself, ran from January 9th 1959 to January 4th 1966 and starred Clint Eastwood and Eric Fleming. As we approach the, errr, 49th anniversary of the end of Rawhide (or, indeed, as we approach the, errr, 56th anniversary of its beginning), what better way to commemorate the landmark(s) than for me to finally keep my blogging promise of, errr, 3 and a half years ago? Truth be told, rarely a day goes by without one or other of my keen followers remarking that it’s been a long time since my earlier commitment (you know who you are sir!).

Anyway, the Dead Kennedys manage to pull off one of the great cover versions – released in 1981 on their  era defining In God We Trust EP.

See below for the original track and then some remarkable live footage from the studio as Jello Biafra and the boys achieve punk rock perfection.


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