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Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Der Mussolini (1981)

June 24, 2017 Leave a comment

Just combing through this month’s Mojo magazine and one of their recommended tracks to check out was a new Giorgio Moroder remix of Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft’s classic track Der Mussolini.

I had a listen but, frankly, it’s a bit insipid compared to the relentless brutality and tunelessness of the original!

Formed in Dusseldorf in 1978, D.A.F. were staples on the John Peel Show in the latest 70s and early 80s. A different take on synth-pop compared to Kraftwerk but another great German record.

Altogether now:

Geh’ in die Knie
Und klatsch’ in die Hände
Beweg’ deine Hüften
Und tanz’ den Mussolini
Tanz’ den Mussolini
Tanz’ den Mussolini


Donna Summer – I Feel Love (1977)

May 17, 2012 1 comment

A sad day today with the passing of Donna Summer. I have previously posted her sublime “Working the Midnight Shift” here.

However, this is the all time classic. One of the most influential records of all time; techno, house and all that follows is being invented here. The genius of Giorgio Moroder keeps the pulse going and Donna’s vocals soar ….

The original 12″ version; the Patrick Cowley 15 minute remixed opus and then a live cut …

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